For more information please email me on the contact page

Approx 75 x 45mm
Small Plaque with single name

Choice of Font 1.2.3 or 4
or chose on of your own and I will try to match it


Approx  100 x 55mm
Med sized plaque with single name

Choice of font or choose one of your own and i will try to match it.Email me for further information on the
contact page

Have your Childs/Grandchilds precious drawing etched onto a wooden hanging disc
or alternatively have it etched onto a coaster.

you will need to send me a high resolution photo of the drawing which will be etched black and white, the better the photo the better the etching.

Hanging Disc (Approx 65 x 65mm) £8.00
Coaster £12 (Approx 100 x 100mm )

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