I design and hand make many different items incorporating items from my garden, the surrounding fields and from my beautiful birds which I have either rescued or I breed, White, Green and Blue Peacocks, and my rare breed poultry - Sicilian Buttercups and Gold Campine, I also have many different  Hybrid Garden Chickens.
I use a special technique to dry flowers giving them the same natural appearance as when fresh (See Hellebores above) Flowers that have a special meaning or memory can be dried for you as a keep sake ~ for instance~ globes filled with rose petals of your chosen colour, can be especially dried and given as favours to your special guests at your wedding!

All the feathers I have used are from a natural moult or given to me from friends. 
All feathers are ethically sources from my own birds and from a natural moult so no animals are harmed.

Orders taken for quantities for weddings, party favours etc. Please contact me.       Email:  Jane

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